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what we do

Graphic Design

logo design, illustrations, posters, brochures, artwork, icons, UI design, photo manipulation

Branding & Identity

corporate identity, business cards, presentation slides, letterheads, stationary, packaging

Website Design

responsive mobile design, wire-framing, UI & UX prototyping, cross-browser testing

Web Development

content management systems, ecommerce, search engine optimization, custom web apps


who we are

AKstudios is a team of talented graphic designers, web developers and engineers with over 20 years of design experience. We are passionate about design and always strive to achieve the perfect balance between visual impact and functionality in our work. We express great attention to detail and strive to create pixel-perfect designs and in effect, all of our designs are unique and of the highest quality.

We believe integrity is essential for a successful business, and are always transparent with clients. Our approach is as professional as it is friendly. Feel free to contact us for pricing details and any additional information.

We provide full website design and application development services, brand & identity design services to local businesses, individuals and professionals. We are based in the US and A.

You can also find us on or here.


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